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Dear Pre-K Parents,

Please practice nightly recognizing the alphabet letters and sounds, numbers 1-50 and writing and recognizing letters in their name. We are starting a new book;  He Had a Farm.  Their vocabulary words are: he, had, with, was, at, see, she, on, in, is, a, and, I, can, have, go, you, down, up and  the.  We are also starting to put word families together.  Our word families are: et, an, at, ug and ip.  When your child brings this home to you, please reinforce their reading words and vocabulary pictures.  If you keep all of these books, they will have 20 books to practice and read.  We are on our last book!   Thanks for all your support!  Please call if you need anything; 276-964-4112. My planning is from 1:45-2:30.