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Mrs. Bandy’s Kindergarten News


October 15-19, 2018





UNIT 3 Finding Friends


Lesson 2-


·        Sounds of Dd and Pp


·        Linking the Sound to the Letter


·        Penmanship/Handwriting Dd and Pp


·        Sight Words: we, of


·        Predicting and Confirming Predictions, Summarizing


·        Compare and Contrast


·        Sequencing


Math and Social Studies/Science Focus


·         Math ~ SOL K.2- “Numbers, Six to Ten” (Please practice counting, reading, and writing numbers 0 to 10 at home too. J )


·         Social Studies/Science ~ “Life Cycle of a Pumpkin”






October 15- Parent/ Teacher Conferences 4-7 pm.

October 30 - Picture RETAKES (Please let me know if you want a retake and I will send a form.)





(**Students who have had GOOD behavior may choose to participate.)


October 19- Snack Cake Walk (we will need donations of individually wrapped cakes for this. Send them in wheneverJ Thanks!!)


October 26-Pumpkin Craft







** Please check and clean out your child’s folder daily! Thank you 



FLASHCARDS! Using flashcards is a great tool to help your child learn their basic skills; the alphabet, numbers, sight words. You can purchase them at most dollar stores and grocery stores. Or make your own on index cards or paper squares. Please review/ practice often with your child.