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2nd Grade Class News! 

Mrs. Altizer
2nd Grade Newsletter
April 16th-20th

Reading Story of the Week –Cinderlad


Monday – Write spelling words 3 x each.


Tuesday- Read reading story to an adult.

Pick 10 words from spelling and write in a sentence.


Wednesday – Complete Math Sheet


Thursday – Read story to an adult.


FridayReading /Spelling Test



1.      teacher

2.      hour

3.      loud

4.      kindness

5.      crowd

6.      town

7.      howl

8.      baker

9.      actor

10.  brightness

Challenge words

11.  collector          14. laziness

12.  outside             15. shower

13.                        powder


MathWe will continue to practice time and money. We will begin counting into thousands and place value for the thousands place.



Social Studies We will learn about Abraham Lincoln and the many contributions he did to help form our country.










*Many students are in need of glue sticks, pencils, and new crayons for the second semester. Any donations of these items are appreciated.



Always send a letter or doctor excuse when your child is absent.