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Title 1 Parent Involvement Plan
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Friday, November 14, 2014
Parent Involvement Plan
Parent Involvement Plan

Richlands Elementary

Parent Involvement Plan



Parents are very much a part of the school at Richlands Elementary.  Parents serve on the Schoolwide Planning committee, respond to school surveys, and are given the opportunity to visit the classrooms to view the students’ school day.  Parents are informed of students’ progress on a regular basis through Parent Portal, teacher instructional webpages, progress reports, report cards, emails and newsletters. Richlands Elementary School will provide readable SOL and MAP reports for parents


Title I provides a resource area for parents.  Parent meetings (PAC) are held three times a year as well as two district PAC meetings.  Free books are given to students at each grade level during the school year and to pre-k students at the end of the year.  Parents are encouraged to come by the Title Labs for ongoing help with reading or math needs. Webpages are updated frequently with information concerning PAC meetings, newsletters, and surveys. School marquee posts meetings and student events.


Title I will focus on expanding Parental Involvement by welcoming all families into the community, communicate effectively, and provide information to make home-school transition successful.


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